Installation and setup

You can install the package via composer:

composer require flowframe/laravel-docs


To get started:

  1. Install the package in a Laravel project
  2. Obtain a GitHub Personal Access Token
  3. Put the obtained token inside your .env: LARAVEL_DOCS_GITHUB_SECRET=<YOUR_TOKEN>
  4. Add a repository by setting up a webhook which points to your application. Don't forget to use your LARAVEL_DOCS_GITHUB_SECRET token.
  5. Push a change to your repository and watch it update


Once installed you should publish the views, by default we provide a simple HTML structure which should give you a rough idea of the working.


You can specify the route paths via the config.


This is what the default config looks like:


return [

    'webhook_route' => '/webhooks/github/docs/update',

    'list_repositories_route' => '/',

    'show_doc_route' => '/docs/{repository}/{doc?}',

    'github_secret' => env('LARAVEL_DOCS_GITHUB_SECRET'),